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Get radio training

All programme makers are given full training before their first programme goes to air.

You'll develop the skills to create, present, pre-record or broadcast independently over time.

Broadcasters have access to portable recording equipment and production facilities.
Assistance and advice with sponsorship and marketing your programmes is also given.

For more information about making a programme, please see Make A Programme to get you started.

Non-technical people

For a variety of reasons not everyone is able, or wants to learn how to broadcast live or be entirely independent in a technical sense. So a staff member will assist with the technical side of pre-recording your programme. Then all you need to prepare is the script, the content and present the programme. We will take care of the technical side.

Practical Skills

Others want to learn a range of practical skills as part of making a programme at Plains FM, and we encourage this.

Training is given on how to:

  • operate the live-to-air desk
  • operate the pre-recording studio
  • do digital editing

These sessions are done with a staff member one-on-one or in small groups.

Refresher Training

Sometimes we do small group training sessions with our broadcasters if software or equipment has changed. We keep our broadcasters up to date with current trends and technologies.

Get Started

Want to make a radio show? Have a look at

Making A Programme


Airtime Application Form

Then get in touch with us to get going.

For Schools and Organisations

Plains FM Radio Broadcasting Teaching Resources

A Radio Broadcasting Resource For students at New Zealand Curriculum Levels 3 – 8

Register now

for access to the Radio Broadcasting Resource 03 365 7997 154 Madras Street (on ARA campus)
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